Variable Business Revenue is Normal

It’s totally normal for your business to have variable revenue. Even Fortune 500 companies do, but that variability is a much bigger deal since you don't have three scale and volume. For you, it leads to uncertainty and adds a bit of stress (or a lot).

It doesn’t really matter why — Your variable income can have various reasons and sources — commissions are a big one, but it can also come from project work, hourly work, gig-work, paid overtime, etc., and be related to seasonality or business cycles.

If not managed with some prior setup, variable income can make it tough to plan for next month, let alone further into the future and that uncertainty and unpredictability can make life very stressful. Not knowing if next month's bills are going to match up with your income can also cause family problems and friction with your spouse and kids.

Our society has deemed variable income as an issue to be avoided for all but those with iron stomachs, but there is a better way to deal with it that we can all take advantage of.

Did you plan a fantastic vacation that you had to modify (or worse cancel) because that client check you were counting on didn't materialize on time?

Are you constantly having to juggle funds into your checking account to cover something unexpected? Or put an unplanned expense onto a credit card for a few months? Will you have the funds for your kids’ sports team fees and equipment? Or that vacation you’ve been planning for all year?

There is a better way and as we uncover these 5 mistakes that I have seen over and over again, I will also show you strategies that you can put in place to limit the effects these 5 mistakes play in your life, or better yet eliminate them all together.

It just takes a bit of forethought and strategic planning to smooth out all that unpredictability.

Bottom line, Solopreneur Income doesn’t have to cause as much stress as you are suffering. You can turn the variable revenue from your business into an asset instead of a liability for your personal finances and how you think about money.