Free Resources & Tools

Equity Comp Resources - Do you have Equity Compensation from you job (or a future or previous job)? Do you fully understand all the ramifications and rules around how you best take advantage of that fully for your family? Are you unclear on everything that entails?

College Planning Resources - Do you have children (or grandchildren) that you want to do some planning for? Do you know the best way to do that? Do you fully understand the rules and ramifications of having money in different kinds of accounts (529 Plan, Coverdell ESA, UTMA/UGMA)? Do you even know that this acronyms mean? Do you know how they impact eligibility for grants and scholarships?

Additional Life Event Resources - There are many other complexities of life and life transitions that require special treatment and detailed knowledge of the particulars. There are complicated and convoluted laws that govern how/when/why the best ways to save, invest, and spend those funds. Do you fully understand the ramifications of what you are doing or considering doing?