Continuous finAGILE™ Planning

Life changes, and so do your goals and dreams. Proper planning is Agile and thus it adapts and changes too.

A finAGILE™ Plan isn't a 100 page bound plan that is created once and sits on a shelf never again to see the light of day. Your plan should be a living breathing interactive document!

Throughout the year we look at all the various aspects of your finances in your life, which is pretty much every aspect of your life, to make enhancements.

Continuous finAGILE™ Planning delves into all the various aspects of your life throughout the year focusing specifically on what is most important to you and your family including:

  • Education & How to Pay for College
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Employee Benefits Retrospective
  • Traditional Investments and Beyond
  • Tax Optimization Planning
  • Budgeting & Debt Management
  • Insurance Retrospective
  • Volunteering and Philanthropic Endeavors
  • What's on Your Bucket List?
  • Lifestyle - Today & Future

Singles/Individuals are $249-$500/month
Couples/Families are $299-750/month