Are You Prepared for the End of the Year?

Are You Financially Prepared for the End of the Year?

5 Things to Consider Before the Ball Drops

1. Are You Near a Tax Bracket Threshold?


  • Deferring Income
  • Accelerate Deductions
  • Manage Gains & Losses

2. Do You Expect Your Income to Increase in the Future?


  • Roth IRA & Roth 401(k)
  • Add to 401(k) or IRA
  • Roth IRA Conversion

3. Will You Receive a Windfall that Could Impact Your Tax Liability?

Inheritance, RSUs, Stock Options, Bonus, etc.

4. Do You Have Children in High School or Younger?

Consider Financial Aid Strategies that Shift Income and/or Assets

5. Want to Contribute to Education Savings (ESA or 529 Plan) for a Child/Grandchild/Other Relative?


  • Use Annual Exclusion Amount for Tax-Free Gift
  • Use the $80,000 Lump Sum Strategy